Dura Lube Engine Treatment (946ml)

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Dura Lube Engine Treatment

Advanced engine formula used to reduce friction and lower heat. Great for petrol or diesel engines.

Dura Lube® 32oz Engine Treatment

  • Advanced Engine formula used to reduce heat and lower friction
  • Beats other brands on corrosion and wear testing, see box for test results
  • Contains unique friction modifiers that reduce friction and heat on vital engine parts
  • Compatible with all synthetic, semi synthetic or standard oils
  • Contains no solids, lead, molybdenum or graphite
  • Helps protect your engine from wear in normal to extreme driving conditions
  • Compatible with petrol or diesel engines

Directions: Replace 1 litre of engine oil with 1 bottle of Dura Lube Engine treatment, use every oil change or top off any time between oil changes.

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