See Dura Lube in Action
  • Reduced oil loss completely. Engine feels more powerful when overtaking. I can recommend it to anyone with a car with high mileage.

    Ian Burbeary

  • I have had great success with Dura Lube in the past with various vehicles....tried it again with a 21 year old the old girl purrs like new. Amazing.


  • I have been using Dura Lube Engine Treatment for 12 years in all my personal and work vehicles. I must say that I honestly think it helps against engine wear. You can tell the first time you add this to your fresh oil change as your engine operates more smoothly. It also helps cold starts.

    Gabriel G.

  • Engine Treatments

    Advanced formula - better than traditional oil additives! Used in all applications to reduce friction and save money.
  • Fuel Treatments

    Wide range of Fuel Treatments & Fuel Additives for both Diesel & Petrol engines. Cleans the fuel systems and boosts power.
  • DL Turbo

    DL Turbo Lethal Injection Carbon Killer Vacuum Line Induction is a more safe and effective way to kill the carbon build up in your engine.
  • Transmission

    Reducing friction in your gearbox and differentials will help lower temperatures, noise and fuel consumption.